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you can run, but you can’t hide!

Ante Scriptum: This is a scream against Romanian politicians’ impotence, incompetence and mercantilistic interests which comes together to ruin a generation. It is my first post in English, so please don’t be cruel!

I quit working for public authorities almost two years ago! I left it due to strong politics influence in a business which should be apart of this, a business which should be impartial and should be dedicated to citizens. I hoped that enrolling in a private company, I’ll get rid of this political influence. It seems I was wrong in my expectations! It seems that you can run but you can’t hide!

There are 20 years now, since Ceausescu’s regime was kicked out from Romania and there are 20 years also, since communism left all Eastern European countries. In the meantime Romanians are waiting for those promises for a better life to come true. And they are not only waiting, but fighting for a better life. Romanians fight so hard, they have no time to see their representatives cheating, stealing, getting reach over the night, in any public position they are elected.

While Romanians spend 16 hours daily working for a better life and a few extra Euros, Romanian politicians works for their wealth, either coordinating (in the front line or behind) private companies involved in illegal immoral businesses with state-owned companies or public authorities, or by creating the „proper environment” for such businesses.

Since 1990 all Romanian Governments worked together with the Parliament for state authority’s dissolution: All managerial positions in State Owned Companies, Law Enforcement Agencies and not only were hired with political obedient staff. Elections brought every four years new people, new strategies, new action plans and finally new nothing. While the new manager has managed to replace meet his staff and found all the offices in the building, he was replaced. Tones of strategies and action plans lay down in the basement of each public building. Therefore a deep reform in public administration was postponed continuously until now and still didn’t come.

All decision making process in State Owned Companies and Law Enforcement Agencies is performed accordingly to the Party’s needs. Even if we talk about collecting money for elections campaign, or about collecting money for the budget you can easily see all over the country politics influence in decisions.

How could it be explained that in the last 20 years, all Romanian parties (left sided or right sided) took care in their Governance Program about citizen’s safety. They invested in street police and traffic police and human or drug trafficking police, they stated that police should cover the street and should be very close to the community, but there is no one able to fight serious economical crimes? There is no one able to fight in an effective manner the real corruption.

How could it be explained that in the last years, only before elections Control Agencies perform sudden checks in private companies and apply penalties, wile after elections all these checks stops as sudden as they started.

How could it be explained that the Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code remained as they were developed in 1965, under Ceausescu’s regime, while Civil Code and Civil Procedure Code lasts since 1880s? The World has changed, Regimes has changed, even Romania’s Constitution has changed several times, but these basic laws didn’t change. Following Romania’s Accession into EU on the 1st of January 2007, Romanian laws had to adapt to EU recommendations, and they did. But the new released laws can’t be applied; the essence of a law is missing – to organize human relationships.

An explanation could be as follows: „We Romania’s Decidents put all the pressure on fulfilling citizens’ security needs, allocate all necessary resources on this issue, solve society’s demand for security and get social peace. We won’t have strikes, we won’t be under society’s assault, and we’ll rule the country for the next 4, 8 years. In this period, our businesses will prosper triple than other people’s businesses, legally or illegally it doesn’t counts! Anyway there is no one to catch us! Should we pay a bribe for this prosperity? We pay it! Anyway there is no one to catch us! Will we loose next elections? It doesn’t matter! There will be others to be elected, and with our money we’ll take care to have proper environment for more prosperity”.

A new slogan was released in the previous elections by a right sided party: „they with they and we with you!”. Really?

  1. 17/03/2009 la 13:29

    As I said somewhere else, probably an IRS-like mechanism is the proper solution. Something to kick balls whomever they belong to. Till then, we are caught in fighting minor battles here and there with now visible end.

    And… somebody different, completely different should raise and come to power.

    P.S. Nice idea, for the voices opposing them should be heard also abroad, outside they should know we are not all the same and we do not agree with all Romania seems to represent. Anyway, you should work a little more to improve spelling and grammar 🙂

  2. mtlk
    17/03/2009 la 13:47

    Thanks, I should…
    Anyway, even the IRS could not be enough as long as its top management would be politically apointed/nominated.

  1. 21/03/2009 la 20:35

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